Sleep under the northern lights

Tour length: 1 night

Experience to sleep under the Northern Lights

Why what?
Throughout Europe, the last remaining areas of extensive wilderness are limited to the Arctic regions, and they remain sparsely inhabited and relatively unexploited up to the present day. In winters, the rivers and lakes freeze, and you’ll find ski tracks, snowmobile paths and ice-fishermen out there. In summer, ice melts, showing Lapland’s true colours under the blazing Midnight Sun.

This type of activity is meant for people who are looking for a lifetime experience while visiting Swedish Lapland.

Whether you are an experienced arctic fisherman or a total beginner, whether you have plenty of experience camping or this might be your first time, we offer the chance to go and try your luck up in the mountains, right in the heart of Sweden’s Arctic frozen wonderland.

Northern Lights Dinner Tour Sweden
Northern Lights Tour Sweden

Itinerary & Booking

– Suitable for 1 – 2 persons
– Pick-up in Jokkmokk city centre or hotel. Transfer can separetaly be booked from multiple airports – Luleå, Arvidsjaure, Kiruna and Gällivare
– We transport guests by snowmobile to the SkyArk for overnight stay and pick-up the next morning
– The SkyArk is heated and has a unique see-through roof so that the night sky can be watched from where you sleep
– We provide sleeping bags for guests
– Snacks and breakfast provided as options when booking.
– Guided tour to sleep under the Northern Lights

Please note
– Toilet is available near the ark, but it is not heated and very simple.